THE 15 BEST Real Estate Companies in Qatar

by hapondo

Are you on the lookout for your new home in Doha? Great. The hapondo team have listed the 15 best real estate companies in Qatar that can help you with your property search.

The real estate market in Qatar can be daunting and confusing. This is especially true if you are a foreigner moving to Qatar for the first time.

Finding a place that feels like home can be difficult enough, let alone if you don’t understand the specific procedures and rules you have to follow.

Luckily, dozens of expert brokers and real estate agencies in Qatar help guide you through the process. Whether you want to rent a one-bedroom apartment or a standalone villa, the licensed real estate companies listed below have got you covered.

properties for rent in Doha

Al Asmakh Real Estate Development Company

Al Asmakh Tower in West Bay

The first in the list of top real estate companies in Qatar is the Al Asmakh Real Estate Development Company (AREDC). Al Asmakh Real Estate is one of the leading real estate firms in Qatar. The company is ISO accredited and has been on the market for more than 30 years.

The Qatari business is both a real estate agency and a broker. They are involved in property management, leasing and selling, development and acquisition, consultancy, and asset management. They manage properties all across Doha and Qatar.

Al Asmakh’s diverse portfolio contains apartments, high-rise towers, compounds, and villas. They further offer labour accommodation, commercial offices, and warehouses as well.

An example of Al Asmakh Real Estate project – Paramount Residences, The Most Luxurious Residence Tower, The Pearl, Doha, Qatar

If you are interested in renting a property in Qatar then Al Asmakh Real Estate is a great choice of company. With properties spread across Doha, from Lusail to Musheireb to The Pearl, there is a good chance Al Asmakh can help you find your new home.

One particularly stunning project by Al Asmakh is the Les Maisons Blanches compound in Lusail. This beautifully constructed compound is one of the many great properties you can find at Al Asmakh Real Estate.

One of their latest projects, the Paramount Residences, is located at the Pearl Qatar and consists of 196 luxurious properties.

For more information about Al Asmakh rentals, please check their listings on hapondo.

Al Asmakh is also known to have one of the best real estate websites in Qatar. You can check it out to look for what’s the current offerings.

Nelson Park Property

Another big name on the real estate market in Doha is Nelson Park Property. At the time of writing, Nelson Park Property offers the largest number of listings of all real estate companies in Qatar.

Unlike Al Asmakh, Nelson Park Property was founded in 2009 by two expats from Canada and Australia. They created their real estate company out of frustration with the property market in Qatar.

After witnessing first hand how difficult and confusing it can be to rent a property in Doha, they set out to try and change this by making the real estate market a less frustrating place for people like you.

The company specialises in renting and selling properties across Qatar, with listings ranging from apartments to villas, to townhouses, and more. No matter what area of Doha you want to move to, Nelson Park will have a property that fits your needs.

Below is an example of an amazing 2 bedroom apartment current available for rent in Lusail City.

For more information about Nelson Park Property rentals please check their listings on hapondo.

Capstone Property

Capstone Property Services is another leading real estate company in Qatar. The company specialises in property management, leasing, marketing, valuation, and consultancy.

At Capstone Property they pride themselves on their ability to use the right marketing tools (such as coverage in the most widely read Arabic and English newspapers in Qatar) to give their properties a marketing advantage over the competition.

Capstone Property has an outstanding reputation for successfully servicing their clients.

For more information about Capstone Property rentals please check their listings on hapondo.

BetterHomes Qatar

BetterHomes Qatar is part of the BetterHomes group, one of the oldest real estate agencies in the Gulf and was established in 1986. The company wins multiple awards every year in the real estate sector, with founder Linda Mahoney winning the Arabian Business Real Estate Legend award in 2019.

Betterhomes doesn’t just cover residential and commercial lettings and purchases; the company also offers its services to owners looking to sell, as well as bespoke property management services.

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This includes maintenance, a fully managed service, and options for landlords to upgrade their owned properties to maximise potential revenue. The agents working for Betterhomes tend to be multilingual, with nearly 500 staff across multiple sites covering over 10 languages. Priding themselves on local knowledge, Betterhomes publishes multiple information pieces on the culture of the areas in which they operate, including activities, sights, shopping, and more.

With over 30 years’ experience as a wider group, Betterhomes also provides consultancy services for owners, including marketing consultancy and leasing advice. The company’s size and reputation mean that they typically have the first refusal on property management within the newest and most exclusive builds in Doha and the rest of Qatar.

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This also means that they have access to a range of off-plan sites and homes, meaning that they regularly work with prominent investors with large and expanding portfolios. Currently, Betterhomes are running conferences and consultancy sessions with a focus on strategic investing during the Coronavirus crisis.

Just Real Estate

Just Real Estate (JRE), Qatar’s leading property service provider, has over three decades of local market expertise across several sectors ranging from construction to real estate and is a certified brokerage by the ministry of Justice under the license number 003. Key stakeholders at JRE, primarily chairman eng. Nasser Al Ansari has been involved in some of the country’s mega projects including but not limited to the Qatar Port expansion, Lusail, Qatari Diar and Qetaifan.

Just Real Estate debuts at 2016 Cityscape Qatar
Engineer Nasser H. Al Ansari

Whether an end-user, investor, or a landlord, JRE analyzes each one’s objectives in order to develop tailor-made services for each client.

From concept development to completion, its wide-ranging skill sets include marketing communications, branding, public relations, sales and leasing, facility, asset, and property management to be competent in satisfying client’s needs in a 360-degree manner.

JRE’s experts can process all permits, planning and licensing permissions delivering services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Additionally, JRE not only specializes in leasing properties with listings ranging from apartments to villas, retail, and commercial spaces, but also in sales across Qatar and international markets providing unique investment opportunities that offers significant return for investors.

For more information about Just Real Estate rentals please check their listings on hapondo.


Find Great Realty (FGREALTY) is a relatively new real estate brokerage, founded a few years ago in 2012.

Find Great Realty – Defining The Real Estate Experience

Despite the company being relatively new it boasts 100 active listings across Doha. The company is particularly international in focus, making it an excellent choice for expats planning to move to Qatar. FGREALTY primarily focuses on luxury, high-end properties.

For more information about Find Great Realty rentals please check their listings on hapondo.

Gulf Avenues Real Estate

Gulf Avenues Real Estate is a boutique real estate agency founded in 2010, is one of Qatar’s leading real estate companies. With our unique contemporary style and total passion for connecting people with property, we aspire to provide our customers’ ultimate real estate experience.

With our long experience in the international market and focused team in the local market, we apply high-quality standards to ensure smooth and transparent property transactions. We are not confined by traditional real estate boundaries when it comes to buying, selling and renting; instead, we are always finding new and innovative ways to satisfy our clients’ needs.

We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in providing them with the most up-to-date knowledge and high-quality service for end-users and investors. We have a strong partnership with developers and a vast listing of properties that meet different needs. We provide leasing, sales and soon property management services at a very high standard. Our management and sales team have an in-depth knowledge of Qatar’s real estate market and international market, including London, Paris, Cannes, and New York.

Al Jazi Real Estate

Al Jazi Real Estate comes with 25 years of experience in the real estate market in Doha.

The company is a subsidiary of Al Faisal Holding, and it is widely recognised as one of the leading real estate companies in Qatar.

Their portfolio of properties is varied and spread across the city.

For more information about Al Jazi Real Estate rentals please check their listings on hapondo.

Mirage International Property Consultants

Founded in 2004, Mirage International Property Consultants (MIPC) is a proud member of the Artan Holding Group of companies and a private Qatari company established with the vision to provide an all-round property solution to property owners. MIPC was the first true real estate management company to operate in Qatar, offering its professional solutions that a vibrant, developing economy needed.

Mirage International Property Consultants | LinkedIn

We started as owners and operators of private assets. As our business evolved, we continue to use our operational expertise to provide all-around property solutions to our clients. We offer our Qatari and expatriate clients bespoke real estate solutions specialised in Purchase & Sales locally and internationally, Leasing, Facilities Management and Property management. MIPC gives our clients the opportunity to invest in our finest luxury properties in key destinations across the globe.

Mirage International Property Consultants services:

  • Buying and Selling: Whether you’re planning to buy or sell, internationally or locally, we will guide you through the entire process. On the other hand, you can diversify your real estate investments by buying international properties.
  • Leasing: If you are an owner looking to lease your property or a tenant looking to rent, our professional leasing consultants work hard to grasp and fulfil your needs ranging from commercial or residential villas and apartments to buildings and land.
  • Facility Management: A Single Solution Company, for all your Facility management requirements, and have been supporting landlords and businesses, here in Qatar for over 16 years.
  • Property Management: Our aim is to provide landlords with hassle-free property ownership and peace of mind knowing that your property is professionally managed by our professional team.

For more information about Mirage International Property Consultants rentals please check their listings on hapondo.

Cushman & Wakefield

As the name suggests, Cushman & Wakefield did not originate in Qatar. This global real estate company was founded in New York but now operates in 70 countries across the world, including Qatar.

Cushman & Wakefield Qatar offers all services imaginable in the real estate business. Their services include real estate consultancy, valuation, research, property management, acquisitions, leasing and sales.

If you’re looking for an apartment to rent in Doha they have got you covered. From studio apartments to luxurious villas, Cushman & Wakefield offer it all.

For more information about Cushman & Wakefield Qatar rentals please check their listings on hapondo.

Be In Homes Real Estate

As the company describes it themselves, they want everybody to Be In Homes they love.

Be In Homes Real Estate was founded in 2008 and has since risen the ranks as one of the top real estate companies in Qatar.

They offer residential lettings, commercial property lettings, property management, property sales, and much more. Their portfolio is incredibly diverse, with properties all over the country (not just Doha) as well as in some of the prime locations in the capital (such as the Pearl, Al Waab, Lusail, or Msheireb).

For more information about Be In Homes Real Estate rentals please check their listings on hapondo.

Link Trading Real Estate is a regional real estate company specialising in residential, commercial, and retail real estate.

It offers properties throughout Qatar within all kinds of price ranges. From apartments in the city centre to a standalone villa outside Doha.

For more information about Link Trading & Real Estate rentals please check their listings on hapondo.

Heritage Real Estate

Heritage Real Estate is another leading real estate company in Qatar offering a wide range of services. These services include renting, selling, leasing and the management of properties.

Heritage Real Estate vision in this challenging economic environment is to “adopt a modern and fresh approach to real estate brokerage by using innovative marketing techniques that reflect current times and trends”.

They offer a wide variety of properties across Qatar, within any type of budget.

For more information about Heritage Real Estate rentals please check their listings on hapondo.

Assets Real Estate

Assets Real Estate was founded in 2014. It is a full-service real estate agency, offering all sorts of services to its clients.

As they state it themselves, no matter the type of property you want to rent, sell, or buy, they can help.

Conclusion: The Top Real Estate Companies in Qatar

Searching for a new home is always an exciting time, but it can also be the cause of a lot of stress and frustration.

This is especially true if you are not from Qatar and do not know your way around the Qatari real estate market. Although many expats moving to Qatar receive help from their new employers to find a new home, not all foreigners are that lucky.

For those people, and for anybody else looking to get some extra assistance during their house hunt, the top real estate companies in Qatar listed in this article can be of great help.

Why put yourself through all that confusion and frustration of trying to do it yourself? The licenced real estate companies listed above bring experience, expertise, and service to make the process as easy as possible.

Contact one of them now and find your new home in Qatar!

Get listed on hapondo by contacting us via email at We typically respond in less than 30 mins!

Whether you’re looking to rent an apartment or to villa in Qatar, find your next home on hapondo.

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